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You’ll need a bit of equipment  to make this:

Jelly bag and tripod

A way to sterilise the jars (boil or wash thoroughly, then put in an oven at 170c for 20-30 mins)


2Kg Apples

Approximately 1.5Kg Granulated Sugar

Juice of one lemon

Flavourings for the jelly – Chilli flakes / Lavender / Rosemary / Thyme / Sage / Mint / Damsons / Juniper


Roughly chop the apples into quarters

Place in a pan, with just enough water to cover them and simmer for 45 mins or until fruit is pulpy

Put the jelly bag on the tripod over a clean bowl, and strain off the apples’ pulp, collecting the juice into the bowl beneath.  Allow to drain 3-4 hours or overnight

Next morning, measure how much liquid you have. For every 500ml of juice, you will need 450g granulated sugar and 5g or 1tsp chilli flakes (or other flavouring)

Bring the juice and sugar to the boil, stirring occasionally until the sugar has dissolved

Add the lemon juice

Now, the fun bit: add your special ingredients to make a unique jelly. We love chilli flakes, but lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage or mint all work equally well. Also fruits, like damsons and juniper are delightful (insert imagination here!)

Bring back to the boil, until setting point  is reached at 105ºC/220ºF, skim the surface regularly

Take off the boil and let it sit for 10 mins

Skim the surface, then using a wide mouthed funnel if you have one, pour into sterilised jam jars and seal with a lid

Label them and store in a cool dark place



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