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Jersey Royals: The Champagne of Potatoes

Spring is such a great time of year for seasonal food and here at E&O we really do love the anticipation of the new season! We get so used to year round food wrapped in plastic in the supermarkets and you can easily feel like it’s permanently Spring (not because of the weather!), but now we start to see seasonal, fresh UK grown goodies appearing in our greengrocers and farm shops (and yes here on Earth & Ocean too!).


Artichokes, beetroot, carrots and kale emerge. Everywhere we look, there’s chicory, a myriad of mushrooms, asparagus and peas.  Not to mention the delights of radishes and rhubarb, spinach and spring onions,  and the majestic watercress, its tender leaves welcoming the bright spring sunshine.


One moment we do love each year at E&O is the arrival of a simple classic, the Jersey Royal.  For nearly 150 years these humble, nutty little delights have been grown on Jersey and delivered – for only four months of the year – to foodies all over the UK! It’s this lovely island’s unique position that gives the tasty tuber its distinctive flavour.

the microclimate, soil and environment create the perfect conditions for this special spud to flourish – Farm Jersey

A simple warm seasonal salad  is one of our favourite ways to enjoy them. Just mix your boiled spuds into a selection of other spring salad treats – asparagus, spring onions, and any other tasty little veg you can find, sauté them all in butter and serve warm. Glam it up with a few strips of griddled spring lamb steak, British of course and drizzle with your favourite creamy herb dressing – mint is a winner with this dish. It’s a great, simple plate to enjoy with friends, we’re hungry just thinking about it, check out the recipe below…


And you can also impress your lunch companions with your knowledge of Jersey Royals. For example, did you know that in 1997 it was awarded with a Protected Designation of Origin? Yes, only a Jersey Royal can come from Jersey, just like that certain sparkling wine can only come from one region of France. And that’s one of many reasons the Jersey Royal is the champagne of potatoes.



Here’s a very simple recipe for you to tantalise your taste buds with these nutty little delights:


Spring Royal Salad with Lamb Steaks, Serves 4:


400g Jersey Royal Potatoes

Spring Onions


Fresh peas

4 British lamb leg steaks




3 tbsp Crème Fraîche

3 tbsp Natural Yogurt

Juice of 1/2 lemon

Handful of chopped mint leaves

Salt & Pepper to taste



Mix all the dressing ingredients together in a small bowl and set aside for serving.

Wash and then boil the potatoes until soft, drain and set aside in a colander to steam for a few minutes.

Cook the asparagus and peas just the way you like them.

Thinly slice the spring onions diagonally (looks fancy!).

Melt some butter in a pot and then sauté your boiled spuds and selection of salad treats until nicely coated and place on a large serving plate.

Season with salt and pepper and then griddle or pan fry the lamb steaks until pink in the middle and then lay them on top of the potatoes and vegetables on the serving plate.

Drizzle with the herb dressing.

Serve warm.

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