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If you find yourself crouching down digging through leaves, wading knee-deep in chilly rock pools, creeping silently through grasses and gorse or pleading an open fire to life on a windy cliff edge, you might be in the midst of a Wild Food experience.

Wild food is prolific on our archipelago; mushrooms, mussels, wild fowl, game, fish and plants can be found almost everywhere. Learning how to find these treasures is also easily done at places like Eat Weeds or Wild Food UK, where you can join foraging treks to discover what foods to look for and how to prepare the things you find.

One of our most recent Earth and Ocean dinners featured the magnificent mushroom in this delicious creamy mushroom soup – we think it’s necessary to have crusty bread to enjoy this properly – but that’s just us… 🙂

Finding mushrooms on our own without an expert to guide us can be as dangerous as it is delightful, so without someone to advise on the safe varieties it’s definitely a much safer bet to just buy them! Try the wonderful mushrooms from our new friends at Mark’s Mushrooms…….. Mark and his wife Belinda primarily sell to restaurants and retail but thought it would be a great idea to bring exotic and wild mushrooms to the general public too, and we are so glad that they have.

We are also excited to treat our friends to the Oysters from Fish for Thought, whose goal is to make the world a better place “one fish, one lobster, one crab and one mollusc at a time”. Fifteen years ago, Fish for Thought was essentially two hard-working men, a Portakabin, some knives, a fridge and a van – committed to finding a better way to deliver remarkable Cornish seafood! With ethical and sustainable sourcing, they are committed to leaving the world tomorrow, better than they find it today – how nice is that!?

A conversation about the wild food of Britain would be incomplete without including the Partridge. Partridge in a pie or in a roasting dish, nothing could be quite as enjoyable as wild fowl this time of year. We are in good company when we eat wild birds in the colder months. In Medieval times the meat of choice for winter celebrations was fowl because this was when they were at their fattest.

A wonderful place to find wild game is The Wild Meat Company. Partridge, Grouse, Pheasant, Snipe, Wild Duck, Woodcock and Wood Pigeon are all game birds perfect for long Sunday lunches with family but they could even take pride of place at the centre of a holiday feast.

Britain is rich with wild food and game but of course eating wild isn’t just about hunting and gathering, it’s the taste of the wild in our food. It’s finding pleasure in something rare and finite, it might even be the dose of wild we all have tucked away neatly in our imaginations, an adventure waiting to happen. What better adventure can there be than a food one?




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