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It’s a narrow window each year for the fresh UK-grown asparagus, how to time it and how to cook it just right.

In our next article, our very own Ash Meneely catches up with Blackdown Ridge Vineyard’s lovely Lucinda Colucci as she gives him a glimpse of their growing wine business.

Grill them? Roast them? Boil them? Which way up?

Good news – April 23rd was the start of the  British asparagus season. Despite growing at up to an incredible 10cm per day, once the season starts it always seems to sell out fast, so celebrate it while it’s here. Grab it when you see it, always look for those nice, bright green steams and avoid the shrivelled! Really tender tips may even have a purple hue.

Earth & Ocean thinks local is always best and, although historically British asparagus was grown in the Vale of Evesham, there are now amazing growers all over the country, so you can definitely expect to find a low food mile spear near you.

There’s lots of ways to enjoy this delicious spring staple. How about rubbed with oil and salt and given a quick turn on the grill or barbecue? Maybe you roast them, cream them, or bake them in a frittata? We’ve even heard tell of “vertical boiling” – yes, tips down – in a special boiler

A family favourite here at E&O Life is to poach in a shallow pan. To keep as much of these scrummy spears as possible, try to snap them low down the shaft. A natural break will occur and leave you with just the delicious stem. Then just season the water with salt, garlic, herbs, or lemon zest and serve direct and hot onto the plate.

Use some delicious oils from one of our Producers Womersely, wonderful sea salts from folks like The Isle of Wight’s Wight Salt, who we love, and compliment with a crisp glass of Blackdown Ridge’s Sauvignon Blanc to truly enhance the flavours of this wonderful springtime treat.

To that end, this month, our very own Ash Meneely caught up with Blackdown Ridge, one of the UK’s emerging new vineyards, to find out more about life on the vineyard and how they stand out in the increasingly competitive world of British wines, take a look at the article here!


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