I’m Ash, a self confessed food lover!

◀ This is me at work. After filming across all of the UK with amazing & brilliant food producers – I created The Earth & Ocean Food Company – a modern, simple way for customers to find and buy directly from independent Food & Drink Producers.

At Earth & Ocean, our focus is discovery – we want you to discover the brilliant food & drinks that are produced right across the UK. Our ethos is ethical & sustainable, we have a conscience when it comes to food production and we find Producers that share this passion. It should be easy to source local food, made with passion, wherever you are in the UK.

Earth & Ocean is a forward thinking, ethical and responsible Food & Drink company focussed on promoting the best artisan Food and Drink producers in the UK!



Ash is a Documentary Cameraman, after travelling to almost every corner of the UK (and the world!) filming various TV food shows, with independent food producers, celebrity chefs and in Michelin Starred eateries, he was blown away by the variety and quality of the food he saw (and ate!) and wanted to create an innovative and modern resource that promotes all these amazing producers, so he created The Earth & Ocean Food Company!

Earth & Ocean is not just for established companies, but mainly for small and family run businesses, local egg sellers, bread bakers, craft gin, cider or beer brewers, organic meat producers, cheese makers, sea salt producers, oil and vinegar producers and cake makers too.

The website uniquely also focuses on the stories about our independent food producers and chefs. Allowing people to really get to know the food producers and chefs around them, food lovers telling us about why they do what they do, so you can see their passion and love that goes into their work.

Shopping and eating local produce is better for you, it helps keep local economies flowing and helps keep our amazing local food businesses alive and vibrant. Earth & Ocean goes to every corner of the UK highlighting the stunning food & drink that this country has to offer, allowing you to discover hidden gems and delights to treat yourself with.

Truly a foodie’s delight…!


Earth & Ocean is a Food & Drink marketplace that promotes amazing artisan Food & Drink Producers across the UK and the vibrant food scene that is happening here at the moment.

We like (love!) small and independent producers. They have had a tough time, especially over the last few months. We wanted to create a platform for them to list their delicious products and also create a place for you, the customer to be able to seamlessly  be able to find them – and buy them easily.

On Earth & Ocean, our simple and secure checkout allows you to buy from multiple Producers in one easy payment, they receive your order instantly and ship their delicious goods directly to you.

In a nutshell, if you are already thinking local, sustainable and ethical and want quality Food & Drinks, passionately made by people who love what they do, you’re in the right place!