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Crumbs Brewing fight food waste by turning unsold loaves from their local bakery into deliciously different beers.

Founded in 2017 in Reigate, Surrey by husband and wife team Morgan and Elaine Arnell, the business is a collaboration with Chalk Hills Bakery, whose leftover artisan loaves are the basis for lovingly crafted artisan beers.

There are two main advantages for using leftover bread to make beer:

First – addressing the growing issue of food waste is really important. Did you know that 44% of bread produced in the UK goes to waste?! Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable in the world of baking as Chalk Hills have to balance providing fresh baked bread every day with an ever fluctuating demand, both from their local high street shop and from the wholesale customers the business has across Surrey.

Second – the incredible taste of the bread really does lend itself to some truly delicious beers.  ‘Chief Crumber’ Morgan explains; “We’d love to say we came up with the idea of brewing with bread, but it’s actually been around thousands of years.  Although we knew it was possible, we were unsure what the bread would actually add to the brew. After many months of research, we established that crumbing the bread before you add it to the mash (the first stage of the brewing process) gives the bread the best chance of not only contributing to the fermentability of the beer but also of truly adding to its flavour.

We replace about a quarter of the malt you would usually use in a brew with the bread crumbs. That’s about a slice’s worth or bread in every pint!”

Today Crumbs have a range of beers, each of which is only made with one style of loaf. Whatever your preferred beer there should be one to suit. The Sourdough Pale Ale is light and zesty, perfect for a summer’s day. The Bloomin’ Amber Lager, made with white bloomer loaves, is refreshing and easy drinking with a rich malty after taste and the Rye Ruby Ale folds the spicy rich flavours of rye bread into a winter warmer of a beer.

Always up for experimenting and trying new things that help in the fight against all things wasteful, Crumbs extended the idea of repurposing even further. Crumbs Rye Coffee Porter not only uses unsold Rye Bread but also uses leftover coffee grounds from the bakery café in the brew.  The rich chocolatey flavours of the coffee worked so well with the spices in the Rye bread that it’s had rave reviews from several national beer writers. Hopefully it’s a future award winner.

Crumbs beers are available to buy by the case or as an attractive gift pack.  It’s unlikely the beer lover in your life will have tried a beer made from bread before so what better way to get them something deliciously different.

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