Exotic and Wild Mushroom Mix 1Kg

Our Exotic and Wild Mushroom Mix comes in two varieties. Our Gourmet Selection Box (500grm) and our Gourmet Mega Box (1kg) contains a medley of mushroom varieties.


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These are seasonal so different types will be available throughout the year.

  • Wild Hedgehog Mushrooms.
  • Grey, Yellow, Pink and King Oyster Mushrooms – Meaty in texture, these lend themselves to a variety of cooking applications.
  • Shiitake Mushrooms – Rich and earthy in flavour, these are light brown mushrooms with cream gills on the underside. Perfect fried, stir-fried, roasted and in soups and stews.

Our fresh mushrooms come delivered double boxed. Each mushroom mix is hand selected and freshly packed for every order by one of our mushroom team packers. Please note with our wild mushrooms they can sometimes contain slight forest material.

Storage. Our mushrooms are best kept refrigerated.

Life 4d+. Our mushrooms will last for 4 days excluding delivery. Different mushrooms can and will last longer, up to 10 days. We recommend cooking and eating our fresh mushrooms within a few days for the best taste!

Marks Mushrooms

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Welcome to Marks Mushrooms.

Based in the north of England where the weather is perfect for growing mushrooms. We farm and deliver high quality Mushrooms to high quality restaurants, small shops and online. We want everyone to enjoy our tasty, exotic grown and wild mushrooms.


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